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Bankruptcy Attorney In Detroit 
Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Right for Me ?

If you’re serious about taking control of your financial situation and If you're struggling to catch up on credit cards, medical bills, payday loans and other unsecured debts, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a good way to take back control of your financial life. You may want to consider filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you:

•have minimal property except for the basic necessities like furniture and clothing;
•rent your home or have little equity in your home;
•have difficulty paying your bills;
•have problems making the basic ends meet;
•you are being sued and/or are you facing a wage garnishment;
•you are behind on your credit card bills;
•you are unable to pay your medical bills;
•you are receiving utility shut-off notices;
•you are being harassed by bill collectors at all hours of the day and night;
•stopped opening your mail anticipating another bill;
•cashed in some or all of your savings to pay bills, but the balances are not going down;
•borrowed money from friends and family to pay bills and are now feeling guilty that you can’t pay them back;
•you are making  little or no income; 
•you are making  just the minimum payment on your bills month after month;
•you have little “disposable” income left each month;
•have little money at the end of each month after paying basic living expenses;
•have a lot of unsecured debt like credit cards or medical bills;
•have trouble making ends meet with your income; 
•make less than your state’s median income level; and/or
•make minimal or no income.
If any of those situations sound all too familiar, it may make sense to learn more about filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Our Detroit  bankruptcy attorneys can help consumers obtain a new financial beginning by filing for bankruptcy protection in MI.