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Problems with your tenant? 
The Eviction Process In Detroit

When a tenant fails to pay rent or resides in the property after the lease expired, Advanta Law Attorneys in Detroit can help landlords promptly file evictions and remove them from the property. In Detroit, landlords must follow the proper procedures to evict a tenant. Our lawyers will aggressively represent landlords through the eviction process described below.

Notice to the tenant

A landlord in Michigan must provide the tenant with notice that the tenant may or will be evicted. If a tenant does not pay the rent, the landlord will likely start an eviction action. To evict a tenant for failing to pay rent , the landlord must provide a written notice giving the tenant at least seven days to cure the breach, fulfill his obligation. A 30-day notice is appropriate if you want the tenant out. Property owners must hand deliver the notice in person or post it on the residence. When posting the notice on the property, the landlord must also send a copy by mail. 

Filing a lawsuit in court

Our eviction attorneys in Detroit can prepare eviction summon and complaint that detail the landlord’s and tenant’s interests in the premises, the reasons for eviction, facts of the case, and relief sought.


After complaint for e viction is served to the tenant, he or she has will receive a court date. If the tenant fails to appear the court will issue an order give the tenant ten days to pay the rent or vacate the premises. If the tenant does show up, the case will be heard. 
Tenant's Possible Defenses to Eviction
A tenant may have a valid defense to an eviction action if the landlord has not complied with the landlord's duties under the Michigan Landlord and Tenant Act. Michigan law requires that a landlord maintain the premises in a fit and habitable condition. The landlord must comply with applicable health and safety codes, make repairs necessary to keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition, and maintain in safe working order electrical, plumbing, sanitation and any supplied air-conditioning or appliances.
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 Our lawyers can address all legal matters and lease disputes, including:
  Nonpayment of rent
  Lease disputes
  Construction and renovations
  Maintenance, defects and repairs
  Property damage
  Leasing and lease modifications
  Noise, odor and nuisance issues
  Early termination/surrender
  Illegal use or illegal sublet
  Tenant bankruptcy
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At Advanta law, we represent landlords and property management companies of commercial and residential properties, as well as Section 8 housing.
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Want To Evict Your Tenant In Detroit?
If your house is under a corporation or a business you MUST have an attorney in Detroit or your case will be dismissed or adjourned.  
Attention: In Michigan, even if the tenant is months behind on rent, without a court order the landlord cannot:

  Physically remove the tenant
  Remove the tenant’s personal property
  Lock the tenant out
  Change the locks
  Shut off utilities (such as water or gas)

36th District Court Only. Court Filing Fees Are Not Included
Flat Fee

We strive to assist our clients to resolve their litigated disputed for the lowest cost. We charge reasonable flat rates for uncontested evictions based upon tenant defaults such as non payment of rent or breach of the rental agreement.